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Ursuline convent cream layer cake

Ursuline convent cream layer cake


The written sources of the Gallenberg's Castle go back to 1143. Kamnik was back then the central city of the Carniolan region. Later, the castle was inhabited by the Poor Clares and in the 20th century by the Ursulines. The nuns were known as good cookers, especially famous were their desserts - one of them is also the cream layer cake.

The dessert from the convent

The cream layer cakes from the Ursuline convent in Mekinje indicate the role of the convent in the broader cultural environment. When the convent after the dissolution of the Poor Clares changed several owners, the Ursulines finally bought it in 1902.


The culinary tradition of the Poor Clares could not be maintained after their dissolution. Next to the nuns, the kitchen was also used by the girls from the bourgeois school, which was led by the Ursulines. This was also the reason for creating modern dishes, which could be cooked every day.

School for girls

The convent organised individual cooking courses for the girls from the wealthier families. This spread the dishes cooked there all around the countryside. Cream layer cakes can be also tasted in some of the restaurants in Kamnik.