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Summer activities

Relax with our pool activities or by playing different ball games.

Feel the freshness and freedom by enjoying sports activities in the lap of the Alps.

Spring and summer are periods when nature awakens, and when the spring sun wakes us up from our winter sleep. In Kamnik, the proximity of the Alps and other gifts of nature provide a varied offer of summer outdoor activities. From trekking to hiking, from the Snovik Spa to the city pool, or numerous courts where you can play volleyball, tennis, football or basketball.


The Kamnik city pool complex is located in the proximity of the old city centre, and is open all day between June and August. For over 15 years, the swimming pool offer in Kamnik has been complemented by the option to relax in the thermal waters of the Snovik Spa.

The prizes won by the national champions of the Kamnik volleyball club and constant classifications of said club to the finals of different cups have made volleyball number one among a variety of popular sports. Volleyball fans will be happy to see there are volleyball courts available as well. Sandy volleyball courts Pod Skalo are located in the proximity of the city centre, next to the Kamnik Olympic-size swimming pool. These courts have hosted several national tournaments as well. Two other volleyball courts are available in the city. One is located next to the Stranje Elementary School (a 5-minute drive from Kamnik) and is managed by said school, the other one is located in Motnik and managed by the ŠD Motnik Sports Association (a half-hour drive from Kamnik).


The course is situated close to the Volčji Potok Arboretum in the middle of a pine forest. The course with the practice area has been operating since 2003, it has 18 playing fields and a medium technical difficulty level.

More about Golf Arboretum

Tennis has always been regarded as one of the most popular sports in Kamnik. We can see just how popular it is by the number of recreational leagues and cups that are held for the locals. One tennis court complex is located in the northernmost part of the city, and the other one in the area most to the south. Both complexes are nicely arranged and host several league tournaments and cups. The Pod Skalo complex of courts rounds up the offer you can select from in the immediate vicinity of the old city centre. The other complex, Virtus, is located by Kamniška Bistrica in the vicinity of the famous shopping mall.

Fly fishing

The popular activity in the magnificent environment of Kamniška Bistrica is also fly fishing. Spend your time surrounded by nature and connect with life in river. During the fly-fishing, you will relax and move away from everyday stress.

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