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Winter activities

When snow, cold and ice are the reason to have fun.

Be active, also when nature is sleeping.

Kamnik does not sleep during wintertime! There are winter activities suitable for everyone. There is a lot of interest for night sledding in particular, which gives us the opportunity to feed the child inside of us with a bit of adrenaline! Hiking fans might prefer to snowshoe, and experience the idyllic winter atmosphere in the mountains.

Night sledding

Sledding is an popular adrenaline activity at Velika planina. It comes to life when day slowly turns into night, and the reflectors give the ambiance a special power and a unique charm. The 2.4 km track does require some caution, but rest assured you can get to the finish line without falling.

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The snowshoeing trend developed in areas west of Slovenia, and is now becoming popular here as well. Hiking fans will definitely love this activity. Snowshoes make it easier for us to walk on deep snow, as the large surface decreases the sinking into the snow, while at the same time the claws on the bottom part of the snowshoe prevent us from slipping down icy slopes. They are suitable for non steep terrain, meaning the are perfect to walk on Velika planina. As not many of us go on a holiday with snowshoes in their suitcase, the upper station of the cable car provides rental of these shows which might come in very handy in case of blizzards.


The Velika planina skiing resort has been a very popular family ski slope since 1964 when the chairlift and the surface lifts were set up. There are 2.8 kilometres of ski slopes with natural snow.

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