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Leave the city behind to experience the wonderful mountain cycling trails.

Kamnik as a home to cyclists

A very diverse terrain, cycling trails for children and the most difficult recreational cycling event are only some of the indicators proving Kamnik is home to cycling. You can ride a city bike to the Volčji Potok Arboretum, a trekking bike to the source of Kamniška Bistrica, or a mountain bike to Velika planina. All this for cycling enthusiasts. 

Kamniška Bistrica – Brsniki

Mountain bikers will find numerous activities for them in the Kamniška Bistrica Valley. One of the most popular trails goes through Brsniki. It is known to be a more demanding, yet also one of the most beautiful ones. Those in the best shape can even go up Kamniški vrh.

From the Snovik Spa to Velika planina

The ascent of Velika planina is a real challenge. We can start our hike at the Terme Snovik, climb to the Črnivec pass at 902 metres altitude, and continue our way to Velika planina. This is a good spot to take a break in one of the numerous refreshment points and mountain huts. You can also climb Črnivec from Kamnik, and treat yourself with a visit to the Snovik Spa in the end.

Cycling to the Kamniška Bistrica Source

The Kamniška Bistrica source is a very well noted destination among Kamnik cyclists. For those in good shape, the trail is only considered as a warm up, whereas for occasional cyclist it can be a real challenge. Yet all of them are the happiest when they see a small lake at the end of the trail.

Cycling along Kamniška Bistrica

There is a cycling trail and a footpath leading along the Kamniška Bistrica from Kamnik to Domžale. It is suitable for all generations, so you can bring your little ones as well. There are several spots with playgrounds and benches where you can take a break in the shadow. The path passes the Volčji Potok Arboretum where you can stop to visit and walk around the biggest botanical park in Slovenia. If you are not a cycling enthusiast, you can simply walk along this road. This is where the walk from Kamnik to Domžale takes place every year.