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Velika planina

Velika planina

The world of alpine pastures

Visit the herders' colourful everyday

Acces to Velika planina is possible by cable car, which operates all year round.

Velika Planina

High mountains, the views and relaxing environment in the traditional herder’s settlement on Velika planina. Visit the easily accessible plateau, which offers magnificent views of the highest peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and the Ljubljana Basin.

More about Velika Planina

There are about 200 huts on the alp, of which 63 form the herder’s settlement, belonging to 63 grazing beneficiaries. Most of them come from the 13 villages under Velika Planina and Krvavec and own about 500 hectares of grassland and forests. They own about 380 heads of cattle. At the beginning of June, the herders bring their cattle to Velika planina, and stay here for three months. Due to the lack of herders, some farmers keep their cattle in the paddock, while the other is free to graze on the pasture. The herd of cows is led by the most experienced, which has a bell around the neck. Usually, cows are more accurate than their herder and calmly wait to be let into the stable.

Preskar Museum Hut

The museum showcases the life of herders in the 19th century. You can see a collection of clothes and tools, and learn about the everyday habits and customs of herders. You can even find out what helped them for catching mice and how they managed to stay awake on the pasture.

Snow Mary chapel is located above the herders’ settlement. It originally stood here already before the 2nd World War but was burned down by the German soldiers at the end of the war. Herdsmen built a new one in 1988. It is dedicated to St. Mary of the Snows; August 5 presents a special holiday for the chapel and the entire herders’ settlement. In summer, during the pasture season, holy masses are held every Sunday and thousands of visitors each year attend the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.