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The legend of Countess Veronika

The legend of Countess Veronika

Countess Veronika - the symbol of Kamnik

Well know legend

The legend of the stingy Veronika is well known in Kamnik and its surroundings. It is even described in a great historian book "The Glory of the Duchy Carniola, written by Janez Vajkard Valvasor. Although there are several versions of the story, the one below describes the most popular one and also the official version. Countess Veronika is today not only a symbol of Kamnik, but even a children's festival and a running competition in autumn also bear her name. What is more, she is depicted in the coat of arms of the municipality of Kamnik.

Brothers triplets need money for a new church

Once upon a time, brothers triplets lived in Kamnik. They wanted to become priests. To hold the new mass together, they needed a new church, but they ran out of money. They went to the castle to ask Countess Veronica for money.

When Countess Veronika heard their request, she yelled: "Get out! I would rather change into a serpent this very moment than giving single penny for your silly work!" She madly hit the wall with her fist. This can still be seen today.

The earth swallowed Countess Veronika

The mighty sky heard her shouting and her curse was fulfilled. The young countess started changing into half-woman, half-snake, and the earth opened up and swallowed her. You can still see the cave, which she sank in.

Countess Veronika is still waiting for her saviour

With Countess Veronica's money, newly-ordained priests built a number of churches and chapels which can be seen in the valley from Mali grad castle hill. The haunted Veronika still lies below the Mali grad castle hill guarding her gold coins.