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Clothing Heritage

Clothing Heritage

Kamnik is a city closely linked to clothing heritage.

The biggest ethnological festival in Slovenia

The Days of National Costumes and Clothing Heritage are very anticipated in Kamnik, as this is the time to see national costumes from all across Slovenia. Over 30,000 visitors usually attend the event, which offers a varied cultural and entertainment programme.

Wearing costumes

National Costumes are lately worn at parades, at church, on the church, national or local holidays, and for personal celebrations. They are used for protocol purposes or have a decorative function at national, municipality or other events.

Women’s and men’s costumes in Carniola

Women’s national costumes include high black shoes, hand-knitted socks, several white petticoats, a skirt with a bra and a black apron. On the upper part, they wear a brass belt, laced sleeves and a silk neck scarf attached with a precious brooch. On their head, they wear a bonnet (peča) or a mob cap (avba) or, if the woman is not married, a white triangular scarf (zavijačka). Typical men’s clothing includes black leather boots, over knee-length pants, a white cotton shirt with embroidery, a silk neck scarf, a waistcoat and a jacket made of woollen material. A mandatory part is also the hat and, as elderly men like to point out, a precious pocket watch.

“Black national costume”

The black costume does not have a typical male counterpart. The so-called “Ljubljana costume” was introduced at the end of the 19th century. The outfit is mostly made of black silk, the apron is black and also made of silk, and tied with a large bow on the back. The bonnet is white and tied with a standing knot on top of the head.

Motnik national costume

The main parts of Motnik’s men national costume were the following: a shirt made of white coarse or fine linen, slightly over-knee pants made of chamois leather, cloth or linen, and a waistcoat made of a scarlet red cloth. Boots with folds were very popular as footwear, whereas for headgear, they mostly used hats with wide brims and a low crown. In addition to the waist-reaching long sleeves made either of high-quality or lower-quality linen, basic women clothing also included a long skirt with tiny wrinkles below the waist with a camisole and an apron, tailored to the waist. Typical footwear included both low and above-ankle high black leather shoes with shoelaces and red socks; headgear included an embroidered bonnet made of white linen or cotton, and a small mob cap with a soft crown.

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