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Relax after the daily stress

Soothing relaxation in Kamnik and its surroundings

Kamnik provides a top notch wellness offer. Relaxing in the Snovik pools or in the pleasant ambiance of the Eco Resort beneath Velika planina are just two of the options. When adding the energy springs in the middle of the Tunjice Hills, we get a comprehensive whole where everyone can find something for themselves.

Snovik Spa

The thermal world at the Snovik Spa offers both a variety of different pools, as well as everything that nature has to offer. In addition to swimming in the indoor or outdoor thermal pool, there are also several wellness services you can treat yourself to.

More about Terme Snovik

Even though it might seem that the term has only been used in the recent years, it was already used in 1950. There has, however, been a development of wellness tourism in the recent times, including fitness and sport, beauty treatments, healthy diets, relaxation after daily stress, meditation, yoga, and education about a healthy lifestyle. And you can find all this in Kamnik its immediate surroundings.

Tunjice Natural Health Resort

Get away from the hectic daily routine to spend some time in a world of peace and quiet. The untouched nature will make you experience a feeling of deep relaxation. The soothing effect this area has on people brings outstanding changes both from the psychological as well as the physical aspect.

More about Tunjice Natural Health Resort

It is less known that Kamnik used to have a very well-renowned swimming pool complex by the name of Kurhaus in the period between the 19th and the 20th century. The public swimming pool complex stood at the confluence of Nevljica and Kamniška Bistrica rivers, and was established by Alojz Prašnikar (1821–1899). It attracted numerous visitors, not only from Ljubljana, but also from Trieste, Vienna, and Prague. At the end of the century, it was able to complete even with Bled, and on 16 June 1883 it was even visited by the Emperor Franz Joseph who praised the resort very highly. The swimming pool resort was commended also by Sebastian Kneipp himself, the inventor of the Kneipp therapy. Once the visit of his Wörishofen Spa started growing rapidly, he recommended treatment in Kamnik as well.

Eco Resort beneath Velika planina

The common thread of the resort, located in the Godič village, is the symbolism of Velika planina that teaches the guests about its tradition. To create a relaxing atmosphere in the area is the Kamniška Bistrica river. Big attraction are fawns that can be seen in the fenced area.

More about Eco Resort beneath Velika planina