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The Valley of Kamniška Bistrica River

The Valley of Kamniška Bistrica River

Visit the Kamniška Bistrica Valley

Cool off in the shade of the Alps

A stone table located in the Kamniška Bistrica River Valley is called Archduke’s Table (firštova miza), since Archduke Charles II and his entourage ate here, after one of their numerous hunting expeditions in the area.

The Kamniška Bistrica River Spring

In winter, the spring of Kamniška Bistrica River offers breathtaking views of the surrounding snow-covered peaks and a refreshing mountain climate in the summer. There is something magical about this area! When there, make sure to take a sip of crystal clear water from the spring.

One of the cleanest rivers in Slovenia

The valley of Kamniška Bistrica Valley is named after the 33-km long river, which flows into Sava River. The river, which is considered one of the cleanest in Slovenia, is the most magical in the very first sections, as it boasts a series of natural attractions. Torrential tributaries and other smaller springs that can be found throughout the valley can see discovered if you opt for a hike along the Koželj Trail. Make sure to wear appropriate shoes! The valley is also popular with cyclists as the asphalted road along the valley leads all the way up to a mountain lodge at the spring of Kamniška Bistrica River. Close to the spring, a hunting lodge of King Alexander is located, designed by architecture master Jože Plečnik in 1933.

The gorges of Veliki and Mali Predaselj

Close to the spring of Kamniška Bistrica River, you will find the gorges of Veliki and Mali Predaselj, where the river makes the deepest (30 m) cut into its bed. With appropriate equipment, you can even descend to the very bottom of the gorge.

Orglice Waterfall

Located in the easily accessible side valley of the Kamniška Bela torrent, the 30-metre high Orglice Waterfall is one of the most attractive hiking points in the area. The old name of the waterfall as pronounced by the locals was Worglše, from which the names Orglice as well Orličje or Orlišče derive. Orlišče or Orličje in Slovenian means the eagle housing – the eagles used to house in the cliffs that surround Kamniška Bela. The second version of the name, Orglice, literally translates as harmonica in English – because of the sounds the water makes.