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Trnič hard cheese

The cheese from Velika planina, which brings joy especially to the girls who are head over heels in love.

The symbol of love

In the autumn, at the end of the grazing season, herdsmen would have bestowed Trnič Hard Cheese to their beloved as a proof of love and fidelity, or as a promise to marry her.

They were always made in pairs – two clumps were decorated with the same ornaments. Herdsmen kept one of them and presented the other to their beloved, who kept them for several years. If she accepted his gift, this meant that she agreed to his courtship.

Excellent and unique gift

Nowadays, as the story of Trnič hard cheese as a symbol of love is alive again, Trnič is an excellent and unique gift for your beloved. You do not need to make it by yourself, simply buy it at one of tourist providers in Kamnik.