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Treasures of the Kamnik countryside

Treasures of the Kamnik countryside

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Hidden corners for a perfect getaway

The countryside of Kamnik offers relaxation in pristine nature, mouthwatering local dishes and company of the cheerful locals.

Budnar Museum House

The smell of homemade local dishes will take you to the small village of Upper Palovče, where Budnar museum house is located. A well preserved traditional farmhouse with a kitchen with an open fireplace and the rustic room with a still-warm tiled stove.

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The village of Tunjice lies just a stone's throw from the town. A varied and green landscape that surrounds the village offers the visitors a complete relaxation and authenticity. A pilgrimage late Baroque parish church of St. Anne is located on Vinski Vrh Hill. The village of Tunjice boasts also a holistic health centre - the open-air healing resort of Tunjice. The wider area is outstanding and includes some of Slovenia's most unique fossil sites. The fossils are kept at the Natural History Museum of Slovenia.

At Vodiškar's

Have you ever smelled the smoke from the black kitchen? Try it in the 500-year-old house! Have you ever touched 1000-year-old shards? Take a look at the archaeological exhibition In the orchard, they grow indigenous and traditional types of apples. Visit Vodiškar's farmhouse and try them yourself.

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At the end of Tuhinj Valley, the village of Motnik is located, boasting numerous cycling and hiking trails. Motnik is the birthplace of the famous Slovenian literary collector, Gašper Križnik. Each year, a festival bearing the same name is held in Motnik (Križnik Fairytale Festival).


The open-air permanent exhibition of granaries is part of the Kamnik Regional Museum. Here, you can see rustic outbuildings, such as granaries, drying fruit equipment, wells etc. from Tuhinj Valley. The granaries used to be the heart and soul of each farm. The oldest dates to 1793.

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Sveti Miklavž na Gori Hill

The best way to reach the Gora Hill is to start at Snovik Spa and head towards the village of Snovik. Afterwards, you need to turn right at the chapel. The marked trail will lead you to the village of Hruševka. Once you cross Hruševka Stream, turn right onto the cart track that leads to the top of Gora, where the fortified Church of Saint Nicholas with the caretaker’s quarters is located. The oldest church parts stood here already in late antiquity, which means that the spot has always been an important strategic point. Next to the church, wooden caretaker's headquarters with open fire kitchen are located, again presenting an important part of architectural heritage. The trail to Sv. Miklavž na Gori is well marked, as it continues towards Preval.

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