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The snail of Motnik


History of Motnik

The rich history of Motnik, which received market rights in 1542, is not reflected only through old buildings and traditions, but also through some well-known residents. Here, Gašper Križnik was born, a well-known collector of Slovenian and foreign fairy tales. Today, a special fairytale festival is held to commemorate his life. A very special tale talks about a giant snail from Motnik, which crawled around Motnik.

The giant snail

In ancient times, a giant snail was confined to a heavy chain in Motnik. Once the heavy chain was torn up and the snail crawled into the world.

The escape was not snail-like

But the snail did not crawl, in fact it ran, fast as a wind, through the Savinja Valley. When it reached Žalec, it created such a force that it blew the dust around and made a broad road through Žalec.

Back on the pillory

Snail got tired and the inhabitants of Motnik captured it and tied it back to the pillory.The consequences of escape can still be seen today: the houses in Žalec stand far away from the road, and the inhabitants of Motnik are nicknamed "the snails".