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Preskar Museum Hut


Preskar Andrej

The herdsmen settlement on Velika planina boasts a number of old traditions, anecdotes and wonderful views. Each hut has its own story. One of them, which once belonged to Preskar Andrej is now a museum, named after him - Preskar Museum Hut.


The outer part was large enough to offer four cows a shelter. The foundations of the building were called "babce" (women). Maybe the old Slovenian saying that "women hold the house together" derives from here.

The only hut rebuilt according to the old traditions

The entire herdsmen settlement was burned down during WWII. Most of the herdsmen in this unfortunate event saw an opportunity to build a new and larger hut with separate stables. Only Preskar Andrej rebuild his hut according to old traditions.

Doors were made from the remains of a bomber

In World War II, one of the allied bombers fell to Velika planina and Preskar Andrej immediately grabbed the chance and used the iron of the shot down bomber to toughen the front door in of the rustic chamber. The doors can be viewed also today.