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Jarški dom on Mala planini

Jarški dom on Mala planini

Jarški dom on Mala planini

Žaga 14
1242 Stahovica

Jarški dom on Mala planina is located at an altitude of 1520 m, on the southern edge of one of the most beautiful alpine plateaus - Velika planina. Wonderful mountain environment, fresh air, friendly staff and great food ... this is Jarški dom! There are 50 seats in the home and another 150 on the outdoor terrace.

With 557 hectares, Velika planina is the largest Slovenian plateau. It is given a special charm by traditional shepherd's huts, where you can still find and relive the ancient pastoral culture!

In our home we will serve you žganci, pečenice, various stews, štruklji and other delicacies of old shepherd's cuisine and more classic dishes.

The shepherds will be happy to explain to you the hundreds of years old process of cheese production, and you will also be able to buy the cheese produced in this way. In addition to cheese, shepherds also offer sour milk, sour cheese and other dairy products produced in pure mountain nature.

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