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Discover Kneipp

Discover the world of Kneipp and its expertise in nature.

Experience five pillars of Kneipp in Kamnik

In his approach, Sebastian Kneipp considered the elements of water, plants, exercise, nutrition, and balance to be closely linked and united them in a holistic life philosophy. They are known as “The Five Pillars.”. Experience all of them in Kamnik.


Water is the core element of Kneipp’s 5 pillars one of the most significant and safest aids found in nature. Kneipp discovered over 120 water cures to enhance the health of skin, boost the immune system and prevent disease.

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Life philosophy by Sebastian Kneipp is integrated into the offer of Terme Snovik. Their barefoot path is awarded as best theme path in Slovenia. In Terme Snovik they know to live healthy in cooperation with nature.


Sebastian Kneipp established exercise as one of his key pillars to living an ideal lifestyle over 125 years ago. “To remain healthy, a person must move” - at his time, words were revolutionary - he encouraged the masses to take part in regular exercise through walking, swimming, cycling and hiking.

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It is less known that Kamnik used to have a very well-renowned swimming pool complex by the name of Kurhaus in the period between the 19th and the 20th century. The public swimming pool complex stood at the confluence of Nevljica and Kamniška Bistrica rivers, and was established by Alojz Prašnikar (1821–1899). It attracted numerous visitors, not only from Ljubljana, but also from Trieste, Vienna, and Prague. At the end of the century, it was able to complete even with Bled, and on 16 June 1883 it was even visited by the Emperor Franz Joseph who praised the resort very highly. The swimming pool resort was commended also by Sebastian Kneipp himself, the inventor of the Kneipp therapy. Once the visit of his Wörishofen Spa started growing rapidly, he recommended treatment in Kamnik as well.


Sebastian Kneipp was fully committed to “simple, nutritious fare” by cooking your own food and using fresh, unprocessed, locally sourced ingredients and plants. Kneipp’s plant-based nutrition practice incorporates lots of fruit and vegetables on the menu.

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Why are plants so important for our health? Sebastian Kneipp viewed plants and herbs as celebrated gifts offered by nature, brimming with innate benefits and functions to generate good health. Sebastian Kneipp, regarded as the “herb pastor,” discovered over 40 plant remedies, The “herb pastor” processed these herbal remedies to form medicines, treatments and eventually bath and body products.

Terme Snovik has its own herbal garden with roughly 30 varieties of herbs and spices, which are used for spreading awareness to their visitors and for tea as a supplement when preparing dishes.


Balance combines all of the learnings from the other pillars to contribute to a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. A life that is too hectic, with no opportunities for regeneration, leaves its mark on our health.

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