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Velika planina


A mountain plateau

Visokogorski svet, razgledi in sproščujoče okolje v tradicionalni pastirski vasici na Veliki planini. Vse to in še več nudi lahko dostopna planota, z vrha katere se vidijo najvišji vrhovi Kamniško-Savinjskih alp, razgled pa sega vse do Ljubljane in naprej.

Incredible views

Welcome to the mountain plateau, which impresses with its natural and cultural heritage. The cable car and the chair lift will take you to the highest point, Gradišče, where breathtaking vies of the highest Alps sparkle in the north. Towards the sout

Herdsmen settlement

Descent from the highest point of Velika planina to the idyllic herdsmen village, which still maintains the 500-year tradition of cattle grazing. In the summer, when the herders bring their cattle to graze, the mountain sparkles with life.

Pastirska infrastruktura

The huts in the settlement are characteristic and unique for Velika planina. In fact, one of the huts has been rearranged into a museum. The Preskar museum hut is the only one that preserved the original distinctive architecture with oval walls. The