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Tuhinj Trout


Tuhinjska dolina

In the Middle Ages, Tuhinj Valley was one of the most important transport links between Graz and Ljubljana. Later, its role was taken over by the road through Trojane and gradually Tuhinj Valley was becoming less and less important. Today, also because of the distance to the main road the valley is sparsely populated and nature pristine, intertwined by numerous hiking trails. The tourist centre of the valley is Snovik Spa, the spa with the highest altitude among the Slovenian spas.

Gojenje postrvi

The search for additional earnings in the recent decades has encouraged the trout cultivation, which is particularly noticeable in Tuhinj Valley. The valley is rich with water and presents a perfect natural habitat, thanks to the spring of Nevljica

Kulinarična ponudba

Snovik spa organises a number of events that promote the local cuisine, with an emphasis on trout dishes. New ways of preparing the trout dishes, including competitions at Snovik Spa, also acquired a distinctive recipe to prepare trout.