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Trnič Hard Cheese



In addition to its natural beauty, Velika planina boasts well-preserved cultural heritage. Huts which can be found on the mountain are unique and the same goes for the customs and habits of the herders. One of the most significant ones relates to Trnič Hard Cheese.

The cheese of love

Trniči is a type of hard cheese with a special meaning - it is a symbol of love. They are made from curd and cream and decorated with special ornaments - and always produced in pairs. They derive from the herdsmen settlement on Velika planina.

Made by the herders

Trniči are made by herdsmen who herded cows on Velika planina. In doing so, their beloved stayed in the valley. To express love and devotion they brought home two clumps of trniči cheese when the grazing season ended.

Love me, love me not

If the girl loved the herder who gave her the cheese of love, she accepted one clump and gave him back the second one. This meant that she accepted his courtship. If she kept both, this marked the end of a love story.