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The salamander brandy from Tunjice



The village of Tunjice has always been known as the village, which thrives excellent fruit. And consequently brandy. Also one of the most memorable stories from Tunjice is connected with this.

A drop of brandy to take on the train

During the WW2, locals from Kamnik often worked in Ljubljana. They travleled by train and always brought a light meal and something to go along - the brandy was the perfect choice, especially the one from Tunjice.

Brandy with something extra

Da tunjiška kapljica najbolj zažge, je prišlo tudi do nemških vojakov, ti pa so jo z veseljem jemali kamniškim delavcem. Nekoč pa je nekdo s seboj vzel "močeradovec". To je zelo močna pijača, v kateri je bil namočen mrtev močerad.


The German soldier thought this was normal brandy, and did listen to drink it slowly. He was poisoned and died. The German government prohibited the soldiers to drink and since then the workers from Tunjice always had salamander brandy with them.