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Princely venison goulash


Treasures of Kamniška Bistrica

The glacial valley of Kamniška Bistrica River hides many treasures. The lake by the spring, the Orglice waterfall and the Predaselj gorges are the most well-known. Near Predaselj, a very special table is located with a noble story that even interested the ruffians, who threw it into the river. Its pieces still rest buried somewhere in the Kamniška Bistrica riverbed.

Hunting - the activity of the ruling classes.

This venison dish reminds of the hunting tradition in Kamniška Bistrica and together with the Prince's Table pinpoints the importance of the game as culinary specialties. Hunting was in fact the activity of the ruling classes.

Archduke Charles II

The Princely venison goulash is associated with the hunting expedition of the Archduke Charles II. In 1564, the archduke and his imperial entourage ate at the stone table near Predaselj Gorge, which he kept a record of – right there on the table.

Touch of nobility

This was later named the Prince’s Table (comes from a German word Fürst denoting a prince, a ruler), which later on attracted a number of important visitors. Also the dish consequently, due to the touch of nobility, got the same name.