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Kamniška Bistrica Valley


Glacial valley, home to the cleanest rivers

When visiting Kamnik and its surroundings you should not miss Kamniška Bistrica Valley and its treasures. Especially if you like to be surrounded by peaceful mountains.

The spring

The spring of one of the Slovenian cleanest rivers is located in the heart of the Alps. The amount of the water in the lake depends on the season. The best is that you can quench your thirst here without worrying since the water is very clean.

Predaselj Gorge

A kilometer south from the spring lies one of the most beautiful treasures of the Kamniška Bistrica Valley. The 30-metre-deep gorge where a boulder got stuck centuries ago.

Named after the eagle housing or harmonica?

The old name of the waterfall Worglše, from which the names Orglice as well Orličje or Orlišče derive. Orlišče or Orličje in Slovenian means the eagle housing. The second version of the name, Orglice, translates as harmonica into English.