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Križnik’s fairytale festival in Motnik Jenkret je biv …


Križnik’s fairytale festival was the first storytelling festival in the Kamnik area, and the first one where Gašper Križnik’s fairytales are narrated.

Gašper Križnik

He was a shoemaker who lived in Motnik between 1848 and 1904, and devoted himself to writing literary folklore. He wrote more than 200 fairy tales, legends, songs, proverbs and jokes. He was the first one to write things down in dialect.

The Križnik festival in Motnik Jenkret je biv ... has been ensuring for several years that fairy tales are not forgotten. The main thread of the festival is telling folk tales that were collected and written by Gašper Križnik, one of the most important collectors of Slovenian folk material from the 19th century. In addition to the fairy tales, the festival also offers a vast selection of events, walks, games, music, creative activities and also culinary delights, both for individuals and families. The Križnik festival changes Motnik into a real little fairytale land throughout the duration of the event, as even guided tours are accompanied by storytelling. The two-day festival officially opens with Friday’s storytelling event for adults, with the appearance of a number of renowned Slovenian narrators.


One of the missions of the festival is also education in the area of narrative art. The organizers put a lot of effort into encouraging this type of art by organizing workshops where participants discover the secrets of narration.