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Wanderung entlang Kamniška Bistrica

Hike along Kamniška Bistrica – the river that connects – and meeting carvers

A hike that unites two towns, Kamnik and Domžale, which are connected by a river.

Kamniška Bistrica

The thirty-three kilometres long river originates in the Kamniška Bistrica karst spring, in the valley which also has the same name. After flowing through a narrow valley in Kamnik, it enters the Ljubljana basin to wind its way to Ljubljana. It flows into the Sava river at Videm.

The Kamniška Bistrica river has been serving Kamnik and its surrounding ever since the city was established. For several centuries it was used to transport wood from the forest to the valley, and then to Kamnik. From here, the river continues its way to Domžale. There is also a hiking path along the Kamniška Bistrica leading to this town, which is the where the walk along the river takes place. Every year, an accompanying programme is organized at both points. This is the time when the Local and Organic - Taste Kamnik Marketplace is held, accompanied by an additional programme provided by the carvers with their traditional meeting. The traditional Straw Hat Fair takes place at the Domžale side. On the path itself, the hikers are not alone, as members of various local associations are there to await them on various control points for entertainment and refreshments.

A place for recreation

As the river is becoming cleaner, it is becoming more attractive also for people. It has potential to be a recreational spot for the inhabitants living neary. It is therefore not unusual that there are numerous walking and cycling paths arranged right along the river.