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Wings for Life World Run

Wings for life – World run

This unique global running race is actually a charity event where the finish line is the one to chase the runners.

92.14 kilometers

In 2017, Swed Aron Anderson set the world record of the Wings for Life run in Dubai. Anderson, who is a paraplegic, overcame 92 kilometers and 140 metres with a wheelchair.

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The Wings for Life – World Run is a global race for runners with a charity note, as the aim is for the runners to run for those who can’t. In fact, the Wings for Life foundation finances spinal cord research with the aim of discovering a way to heal injuries. The particularity of the running event is that is starts at the same time across the world, and ends when the last runner is caught by the Catcher Car. Runners thus run as far as they can, before the finish line catches up with them.
In Slovenia, the biggest group start in the world starts in Ljubljana, with the trail passing through Kamnik as well. A distance of approximately 20 kilometres is ideal for recreational runners who are in fairly good shape, which means that Kamnik is the final goal for several runners. We also make sure there is cheering and refreshments, whereas the event itself is intended for a good cause.

The most northernmost spot on the way

The Slovenian part of Wings for Life trail passes through Kamnik as well, which is the northernmost point along the way. Runners run to Kamnik from Domžale, and continue their way to Komenda, Cerklje, and back to Ljubljana.

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