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Veronikin tek Kamnik

Veronika’s run

The run, which was first organized on the 780 anniversary of the first mentioning of the town, has become an autumn event that is not to miss.

More than 700 runners

A record number of runners participated at the event in 2016. This includes both the participants of the open school competition and adults as well, who all participated at the 8-kilometre Veronika’s run.

On the second Saturday in October, the city center of Kamnik turns into a real running trail. Veronika’s run was first organized in 2009 and now attracts a great number of visitors every year. Runners can chose to run on one of the five trails that take you along the streets of the medieval city center of Kamnik. The start and the finish of the run are at the Main Square, the runners make four circles around Šutna, the Kolodvorska street, the Šlakar path, Žale, and then through the Medvedova street back to the start-finish plane. The entire path is paved, and includes approximately 100 metres of ascent and 200 metres of descent.
Taking part of the competition are also the Kamnik elementary and high school students, for whom an open school festival is organized as part of Veronika’s run, where the students can compete for the title of the champion of the municipality.

500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 8000 metres

Veronika’s run takes place on five different trails winding among the little streets of the medieval town. Once a year, the charming streets thus become the venue of the running festival which attracts a great number of cheering fans.