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Budnarjeva domačija

Festival of Palm Sunday bundles at Budnar’s house

Palm Sunday is marked in a very special way in Zgornje Palovče.

Flower bundles

The blessing of greenery is an old Christian custom, which originated in pre-Christian rituals that were associated with certain types holy greenery. This was supposed to chase away evil spirits and have a beneficial influence on the quality of life. This role In Christianity now belongs to the ble

More about Budnar's Museum House

A festival of Palm Sunday bundles takes place at Budnar’s house in Zgornje Palovče every year. In the central area, in the house itself, visitors can see how the locals make Palm Sunday bundles, and also try making them themselves. They can also try baking Easter wafers. In the bottom area of the house, there is a display of a variety of Palm Sunday bundles from different parts across Slovenia. The exhibition presents different Slovenian associations who aim to preserve Slovenian bundle making tradition before Palm Sunday.

Easter wafer

In the area of the Tuhinj Valley and in Šmarca, a tradition has been preserved that the dishes that are taken to the blessing of Easter Foods, are accompanied by special host or wafers.

More about Budnar's Museum House