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Budnar Museum House


The house of our ancestors

High above Kamnik, in the village of Upper Palovče, lies Budnar Museum House, a more than 350 years old homestead - the house of our ancestors. An old farmhouse with a rustic chamber, a maple table and God's corner takes you back to the old times, to the 17th century.

Smoke chamber

The house has no chimney. Instead through the chimney, the smoke curls in the waves under the door frame. Many amusing anecdotes happened for this very reason, as people called fire department, as they though the house is on fire.

Dove's greeting

Apart from the smoke room (a black kitchen), a rustic chamber is heated by a tiled stove. Every time you enter the room, a door-strapped pigeon swings to welcome you. The dove represents the Holy Spirit.

The view is just magnificent

The path through the black kitchen also leads to the outside corridor. From here, the view is just magnificent, as you can see the Ljubljana basin all the way to Mount Limbar. It's especially nice when it gets dark.