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Arboretum Volčji Potok


Relax embraced the green nature

Arboretum is now the largest Slovenian park, a place to relax and find harmony with nature.

Once a land of wolves

Wolves used to live in this area. The pack did not need much to have captured their prey, and after they did, they went to the stream and drank water from it. Hence the name Volčji Potok - Wolves' Stream.

The most beautiful one

According to many, the most beautiful part of the park is the French garden, famous for its splendour and prestige, thus popular for wedding photography. The mansion was burned down in WWII, but the memories and stories live happily after.

The thickest

The trunk of dawn redwood is 6.45 m thick. This is a rapidly growing conifer that throws away their needles in the winter. A single tree of this species was discovered in 1943 in China, and four years later, in the vicinity the whole forest grew.

The oldest

The small-leaved lime (tilia cordata) is the oldest in the park, with an estimated age of between 200 and 250 years. It is as healing as linden. It can be distinguished from it by small leaves and fruits, which can be crushed between the fingers.